What Is Accident Forgiveness on Car Insurance & How Does It Work?

Accidents happen when we least expected them to. Careful driving and obeying the traffic rules can help you put it at bay. But for how long? That is why smart drivers now want to find out what is accident forgiveness on car insurance.

As minimal as it might appear, it could make a lot of difference when you have an at-fault accident. Auto insurance companies sell this policy to help vehicle owners cut down on expenses made when they get their cars into an accident.

In this article, we explain what is accident forgiveness on car insurance. We also went the extra mile to cover other important aspects of the policy. You will find out how it works and the extent of the coverage.

What is Accident Forgiveness Coverage?

This is a type of auto insurance policy that helps minimize the aftermath of an incident. It works best for drivers who get into an at-fault accident. Whether you rammed into a telephone booth or hit another car, the policy can help in keeping your rates down.

Why do you need it in the first place? You need it because:

  • Your auto insurance company may increase your rate after an at-fault accident.
  • You are a teenage driver and thus, may be more susceptible to getting into an accident.

Is Accident Forgiveness Worth It?

Yes, getting the accident forgiveness car insurance is worth it because it protects both your vehicle and you. On the one hand, the insurer allows you to go or “forgives” you after causing an accident. On the other hand, your vehicle will be repaired at no extra cost to you.

Who wouldn’t want to have their “sins forgiven” as it pertains to getting into an at-fault accident?

How Accident Forgiveness Insurance Works for Policyholders

Here are a few instances of how the insurance works. First, it works for young drivers. It is assumed that you need a bit of experience to navigate the road easily. With the coverage, you can be “forgiven” if you eventually get into an accident.

The policy protects both your insurance costs and driving record. The insurance costs, help in reducing your rates. Ordinarily, you would pay more for causing an accident. It also favors drivers who have had a clean driving record in the last couple of years.

What Does Accident Forgiveness Mean for Car Insurance and How Do I Get It?

The process of getting accident forgiveness on your vehicle varies by the auto insurance company. It is typical to purchase it as an add-on. However, some car insurance companies offer it free of charge.

Here are some of the best ways to obtain the accident forgiveness on car insurance:

Pay Extra to Add It

Purchase the policy as an add-on. You will be charged an extra amount of money to do that.

Drive Safe and Earn It

Some auto insurance companies are generous enough to offer the accident forgiveness on car insurance to drivers who merit it.

Maintain a good driving record for some years and you could just earn it!

How to Qualify for the Accident Forgiveness Insurance

You can potentially save a lot of money on your auto insurance premium by using accident forgiveness coverage.

Drivers who qualify for this coverage are expected to meet some of the following conditions:

Holding a Policy is a Must

You must be an active auto insurance policyholder. Find out if your auto insurance company offers the coverage. You can log into your dashboard to see if the policy is activated for you.

Accident Forgiveness for Younger Drivers

Drivers below the age of 25 are sometimes considered for the policy. It is believed that they need all the protection they can get to be safe on the road. When you get into an at-fault accident, the accident forgiveness will have you covered.

Personal Vehicle Usage

The policy is most active for personal vehicle usage. So, if you use your car for commercial purposes, it wouldn’t be covered.

Clean Driving Record

You must prove how capable you are to handle a car, especially by avoiding getting into an accident. The insurance company will check your record up to the last 5 years to confirm if you have gotten into an accident.

Important Rules to Keep When Getting Accident Forgiveness on Car Insurance

Your auto insurer may forgive you for an at-fault accident if you haven’t gotten into one in the last 5 or 6 years. But that is just like scratching the surface. Here are some of the important rules you want to have in mind before purchasing an accident forgiveness coverage:

Forgiveness is Relative

Indeed, you may not be entirely “forgiven” when you purchase or get accident forgiveness coverage for free.

For example, you may be charged for a “chargeable accident.” In this case, the auto insurance company confirmed that you were the cause of the accident and thedamages were higher. A surcharge will be placed and this leads to an increase in your premium.

Only One Accident is Covered

Do not expect the accident forgiveness on car insurance to cover you anytime you get into an at-fault accident. The coverage is only used once per policy and is subject to renewal.

The Policy Isn’t Always Available

It is not possible to get accident forgiveness on car insurance in every state. Some auto insurance companies do not offer it either.

The Rate Impact is Futuristic

One fantastic benefit of accident forgiveness on car insurance is that it prevents your insurance rate from going up. That is for the meantime because you will pay more later.

As the accident is recorded in your driving record, it will stay there for long. So, in the next 5 years, your insurance rates may increase because of an accident you had some time in the past.

Which Insurance Company has Accident Insurance?

Auto insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness on car insurance include USAA, Farmers Insurance, The Hartford, Nationwide, GEICO, Progressive Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Allstate.


Purchasing accident forgiveness on car insurance helps protect your vehicle if it gets into an accident by your fault. The coverage is per accident and not per driver. Once the first accident is recorded, “the coverage goes away.” You need to renew it to keep it active. As an alternative, consider purchasing either the vanishing deductible or comprehensive auto insurance to get all-around protection for your vehicle.


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