Bundled Home and Auto Insurance: What It Is & Where to Get Your Bundle

Why buy home insurance and auto insurance separately when you can buy a bundled home and auto insurance? Homeowners in the United States have been shopping around in the last couple of months for this bundled offer and we think you will like it.

Aside from cost-saving, a bundled plan for your home and vehicle helps you shop for coverage from the same provider. So, if you are interested in this, here is your guide to getting started.

What Does Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Mean?

First, what is bundled insurance? This is a term that refers to the inclusion of multiple insurance coverages in one. Ideally, it is a form of multi-policy coverage that is provided by the same insurance company.

In the case of home and auto insurance, we are looking at the combination of homeowners insurance and auto insurance. You can shop for the two from the same policy provider, thus, reducing the hassles of shopping around.

Most insurance service providers in the United States offer bundled auto and home insurance, so you can be sure of getting it in one place.

Should You Bundle Home and Auto Insurance: The Benefits

Indeed, you should consider bundling your home and auto insurance because the advantages are so fascinating to ignore.

Here are some of the benefits of subscribing to this bundle:

1.    The Discount on Bundling is Huge

On average, you could save up to 17% of the total cost of getting the coverages separately. So, why don’t you use the bundled offer to save costs and reduce the hassles?

2.    Spend Less Time Shopping Around

While it is great to shop around for insurance offers, it may be worth it to shop for everything in one place. Since most insurance policy providers offer the cheapest home and auto insurance bundles; you needn’t look around.

3.    Make Yourself a Loyal Customer

Interestingly, insurance policyholders continually patronize their providers because of excellent customer satisfaction.

One nice way to prove your “loyalty” is to buy more coverages, such as the bundled auto and home insurance.

4.    Multiple Combinations

Agreed, some policyholders may have a different opinion on insurance policy bundling. Some may prefer buying a separate policy for their homes and another for their vehicles. More often than not, these coverages are bought from different insurance providers.

However, you are not limited to only the bundled home and auto insurance. “Variety is spicy of life,” they say – and variety is what your provider offers. You may be able to choose other bundles other than for your vehicle and home.

Examples of other insurance coverage bundle combinations are:

  • Renters and auto insurance bundle
  • Vehicle/auto and mobile home insurance
  • Auto and motorcycle insurance

Top 3 Best Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Companies

Choosing the best insurance company to get the bundled home and auto policy from can be challenging. You are checking for the discounts they offer, the extent of the coverage, and every other thing in-between.

We have helped you with that already. Here is a list of the top insurance companies offering the bundled home and auto insurance coverage:

1.    GEICO

GEICO offers a multi-policy discount, especially for prospective policyholders looking to get both auto and home insurance from the company.

Benefits of GEICO’s Bundled Offer

GEICO may not be the only insurance company offering the bundled auto and homeowners insurance. But it sure has some outstanding advantages over its competitors. Those benefits include:

Excellent Customer Service

Need help while shopping for your bundled insurance offer? GEICO’s customer department is readily available to attend to you. The communication channels include emails and live chat on their website. With a 24/7 operation, you can be sure that your queries will be attended to in the shortest time possible.


There may be no need to hire the services of an insurance agent when you can do the work yourself. GEICO has a self-service policy that permits policyholders to log into their user dashboard on the site and handle their policy purchases with ease.

Varieties of Bundled Insurance Combinations

Looking for a different bundle of insurance coverage than the home and auto combo? Look no further because GEICO’s multi-policy offers other variations.

You can instead opt to combine coverages for your car and condo or your motorcycle and vehicle.

2.    Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual also offers bundled home and auto insurance coverage. The company promises to offer discounts up to $947.

Convenient Coverage Purchase

Liberty Mutual also offers a self-service feature, allowing customers to handle the registration. You can also do this on the go with your mobile application. Through the Liberty Mutual mobile app, you would be able to:

  • Sign up for home and auto insurance coverage
  • Track your claims, if any.
  • Make important changes to your home and auto insurance policy any time of the day.

Combine Other Bundles

The auto and home insurance bundle is not all you get on Liberty Mutual. You can sign up for other bundles, such as the:

  • Auto and renters insurance bundle
  • Auto and condo insurance bundle


3.    Progressive

Progressive is another bundled home and auto insurance policy provider you can check out. According to the information on its website, new customers can save up to 20% on average just by getting the bundle.

Note: The discount varies by state. So, you may likely not get it if it is not available in your location. You can enter your ZIP Code on the site to check for availability before taking the next steps.

Here are some of the reasons why you will like to get the bundled offer from Progressive:

  • Flexible Switching: The company allows you to get the bundle even if you have previously gotten one from another policy provider.
  • Multi-Policy Insurance Options: Progressive permits customers to choose from other multi-policy insurance coverages. The options include auto & renters insurance, boat & RV insurance, auto & condo insurance and motorcycle/boat insurance.


Bundled home and auto insurance can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend to protect your home and vehicle against damage and theft. Now that you understand the benefits of the coverage, choose any of the providers on the list. Check out their coverages on the website and ask for bundled home and auto insurance quotes to compare your options.


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