What is the Best Church Insurance Agency in America?

Are you looking for the best church insurance agency in the United States? There are several of them out there offering different coverages for ministers. Finding the best out of the rest is sometimes a challenge because you will consider the coverage options, the cost, and the premiums payable.

This article handpicked some of the best insurance church policy providers in the United States, including the services they offer.

What is Church Insurance?

Church insurance refers to the insurance policy designed for churches, ministries, and in some cases, mission-sending organizations.

Thus, it is imperative for ministers, mission-sending organizations, denominational offices, and religious educational institutions to use the coverage to cover for losses in those places.

Top 5 Church Insurance Companies in the United States

These five (5) top church insurance companies offer extensive coverage to different religious organizations and groups in the United States.

1.    American Church Group

This is an American-based church insurance agency that provides specialized services to churches, mission teams, and educational institutions. American Church Group is manned by a team of specialists. They have many years of experience in protecting the interests of religious groups, finance-wise.

Who They Serve

American Church Group serves the following:

Mission-Sending Organizations

The group provides insurance for mission-sending organizations that send both missionaries and evangelists to other parts of the world.

The church insurance coverage provided here includes:

  • International property insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Foreign liability
  • Ransom and kidnap


American Church Group is a church insurance agency that caters to the financial-induced needs of churches. The coverage extends to both larger and smaller congregations.

American Church Group also provides the following coverages to churches:

  • Claims of sexual harassment
  • Claims made in defense of religious beliefs.

2.    Brotherhood Mutual

Brotherhood Mutual is another leading church insurance agency in the United States. Its services are designed to cater to ministries, especially in the areas of auto insurance and property insurance.

Coverage Options

The following are some of the church insurance coverages provided by Brotherhood Mutual:

  • Cyber Liability Insurance: This coverage is provided to churches and ministries looking to cut down on expenses triggered by electronic data and computer usage. The coverage protects the ministries and churches against property damage and financial loss.
  • Employee Health Benefits: This is a customized health benefit plan that protects employees of Christian organizations and churches. Brother Mutual collaborates with leading faith-based insurance agencies in the U.S. to provide these services.
  • Mission Protection: Religious organizations send missionaries at different times in the year to take the gospel to other parts of the world. These missionaries are exposed to different challenges, including kidnapping and health issues. The Mission Protection package from Brotherhood Mutual caters to the needs of both the travelers and the organization/mission itself. For the travelers, they are protected with medical and travel insurance, while the organization receives medical, foreign property, and liability insurance coverages.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Brotherhood Mutual also provides coverage for mission vehicles. This includes coverage for accidents and vehicle theft.

3.    Church Insurance Specialists

This is an incorporated church insurance agency in the United States. They have been providing coverages for churches and mission organizations for over 4 decades. The agency focuses on providing these services only in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

They also offer these coverages through their collaboration with Brotherhood Mutual.

Types of Coverages Provided

Here are some of the coverages it provides:

Christian School & College Insurance Policies

This coverage extends to schools and colleges under the church’s management. The following are categories of schools covered in the policy:

  • Christian middle and high schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Christian-owned colleges
  • Elementary schools

Here is a cross-section of the Christian school insurance coverages the agency offers:

  • Specialized liability insurance
  • Student emotional damage injury liability
  • Corporal punishment
  • Teacher liability
  • Student sports medical payments
  • Governing board liability

Church Camp Insurance

Coverage is also provided for church camps, especially camps for children. Church Insurance Specialists (CIS) provide this coverage both to protect the kids and protecting the church from overt exposure to potential lawsuits and claims.

Auto Insurance

CIS also offers Ministry & Church Vehicle Insurance to protect the church or mission organization’s vehicles. The coverages offered here include:

Vehicle Physical Damage Coverage

This type of auto insurance covers damages caused to the vehicle either by using it to damage someone’s property or by getting into an accident.

Underinsured Motorists Coverage

This coverage protects the church from claims and lawsuits arising from bodily damages caused to vehicle occupants, especially when it is driven by an uninsured driver.

4.    Southern States Insurance

Southern States Insurance provides coverage for churches looking to protect their employees, their mission vehicles, and medical expenses.

Its coverage options include:

  • Umbrella: This is also known as “Excess Liability” coverage. It is used to protect the church or mission organization from financial losses or expenses exceeding the typical coverage limits.
  • Employee Practices Liability: This coverage protects the church from employee-related claims, such as wrongful termination of employment and unlawful discrimination in the congregation.
  • General Liability Coverage: This type of church insurance coverage protects the church from damages that occurred on its property. Examples of these damages are property damage and bodily injury to employees or visitors.

5.    Great American Insurance Group

Great American Insurance Group is a leading church & casualty insurance agency, offering a wide range of coverages in the United States. The following are categories of religious organizations covered by the agency:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Retreat houses
  • Divinity schools
  • Seminaries
  • Convents

Great American Insurance Group Coverage Options

Here is a list of the common coverages offered by the policy provider:

  • Umbrella and excess
  • Abuse and molestation
  • Employee dishonesty coverage
  • Auto insurance
  • Property coverage

Verdict: Brotherhood Mutual Tops the List of Church Insurance Agencies in the U.S.

Brotherhood Mutual is one of the best insurance coverage providers for churches, mission organizations, and religious groups in the United States. Its affiliation with some of the popular policy providers is a testament to how efficient it is in terms of protecting the church from financial losses. Using church insurance in the United States can help protect your employees, mission vehicles, and church property from damages, theft, and lawsuits. Contact any of the insurance companies on the list to get a quote on the average cost of insurance in America.


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