Top 5 Places to Enroll for Continuing Education for Insurance Agent

Insurance agents must upgrade their knowledge and renew their licenses to keep offering their services. This often requires enrolling for continuing education for insurance agent. Perhaps, your insurance license is about to expire or you just want to be abreast with the ever-changing insurance industry.

Discovering where to enroll in the educational program helps you cut down on the costs of surfing from one place to another. Also, you get to find out what these tutors have to offer and how best to take advantage of the coaching.

In this article, we reference the top five (5) places where you can start your next continuing education courses for insurance agents.

1.    Center for Continuing Education

Center for Continuing Education or CCE for short is a state-approved insurance continuing education online provider. If you are looking at enrolling for the course in the United States, this is the provider to talk to. Its services are readily available in most parts of the U.S., including Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

Who Can Enroll?

While the best insurance CE courses are ideal for insurance agents, they are not the only beneficiaries. Adjusters and insurance brokers can also enroll in the program to be abreast with the latest trends in insurance. These three (3) categories of insurance professionals are free to enroll in CCE’s continuing education.

Types of Continuing Education Courses Offered by Center for Continuing Education

CCE offers its courses for the three (3) different categories of enrollers. For the Adjusters, they have access to the following CE courses:

  • CE Package #1
  • CE Package #2
  • Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course
  • Texas Adjuster Property, Casualty & Surety Pre-Licensing Course

Life and health insurance agents can enroll for the Life & Health Package #4 with Annuity Renewal Requirements.

For the P&C Agent, they can choose from any of the four (4) P&C Agent Packages.

Why You Should Enroll at the Center for Continuing Education

Here are some of the advantages that the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) has over its competitors:

  • Flexible Learning Process: You can schedule your classes – don’t be in a hurry! The platform also has a time-tracker that helps monitor your learning process.
  • Course Hour Submission: Center for Continuing Education takes away the burden of manually submitting your course hours. It does that on your behalf and can complete the process within 24 hours from the time of completing the CE course on the platform.

2.    BetterCE

BetterCE provides continuing education courses for insurance agents who are busy or always on the go. So, if you haven’t had the time to take a CE course because of your busy schedule – you now have a fair chance to take it.

Flexible Course Access

Take your course and learn on the go with the variety of platforms supported by the tutor. You can take your course on mobile, desktop, and even though your mobile device’s web browser.

Excellent CE Credits Earning

Never worry about losing your Continuing Education (CE) credits probably because you missed a tutorial or two. BetterCE sees to it that you never miss anything – thanks to the tracker that allows you to stop and start when you feel like it.

You can also view the insurance continuing education requirements, check the status of the agent license and view your Continuing Education (CE) transcript – all from the same dashboard.

Same-Day Credit Reporting

It doesn’t take several days before your credit hours will be reported. BetterCE offers same-day reporting meaning that the number of credits you earned will be reported to your local regulator every day.

3.    KAPLAN Financial Education

Are you looking for the best online insurance continuing education with flexible learning options? Look no further because KAPLAN Financial Education provides that. Here, you have a plethora of learning options to choose from.

If you learn best online, take advantage of the online learning platform. But if you prefer physical coaching, visit any of the offline centers for your CE.

KAPLAN Financial Education also offers one-off CE Credit online courses, periodic webinars, and live classes to put you through your CE.

4.    WebCE

WebCE is one of the most trusted providers of continuing education courses for insurance agents. As a web-based platform, it requires learners to have access to the Internet so they can learn uninterrupted.

A Wide Range of CE Courses to Choose from

Whether you are in the life insurance, home insurance, or travel insurance market – rest assured that WebCE has a course for you. Some of the popular continuing education courses from its stable cut across:

  • Limited Lines CE Courses
  • Life & Health Insurance CE Courses
  • Adjuster Continuing Education courses
  • Property & Casualty CE Courses

Exam Prep

Get ready for your Continuing Education (CE) exams even before they begin. Through the Exam Prep coaching offered by WebCE, you should know what to expect during the examination.

5.    Insurance Council of British Columbia (ICBC)

The Insurance Council of British Columbia offers Continuing Education (CE) courses in line with the Council Rule 7 (5) which requires all insurance agents to meet the ICBC’s requirements for the courses.

Benefits of Enrolling for CE Courses at ICBC

Here are some of the major reasons why the Insurance Council of British Columbia is the ideal place to enroll for your next CE course:


Insurance licensees are provided with a self-tracker used for keeping an eye on their CE credits. The tracker also helps you know beforehand, the number of Continuing Education (CE) credits required to complete a particular insurance licensing period.

Access to Council Rules and Code of Conduct

The Insurance Council of British Columbia (ICBC) also offers an online portal through which the insurance licensees can access the rules and code of conduct. This helps you know the applicable rules and expected code of conduct of insurance agents offering their services in British Columbia.

Wrapping Up: Enroll for Continuing Education for Insurance Agent Today

Enrolling in a Continuing Education (CE) for insurance agents is a sure-fire way to remain relevant in the ever-changing industry. You get to update your knowledge of the insurance niche market you serve, understand the latest codes of conduct, and stand a chance of faster approval for your insurance license.


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