How Does Getting a Speeding Ticket Affect Insurance & Tips to Keep It off the Record

Have you wondered how getting a speeding ticket affect insurance? Driving beyond the recommended speed limit on major highways does not only attract a speeding ticket. It can also impact your auto insurance rates.

In this article, we discuss the potential effects of getting the ticket and the efforts you can make to avoid it from your driving record.

How Will a Speeding Ticket Affect Insurance?

A speeding ticket is a ticket given to drivers who overspeed on certain roads and highways. It can affect your insurance rate because it has to do with your driving habit. Auto insurance companies pay attention to your driving record when processing your policy.

Seeing a speeding ticket there may give the impression that you are not a “safe driver.” As such, the company would want to protect itself by increasing its insurance rate. That way, it can cater to vehicle repair expenses and medical bill payments if you get into an accident.

Why Do Speeding Tickets Affect Insurance?

Speeding tickets affect insurance because drivers are considered “high-risk” for having one of these tickets. It means that your chances of ramming into someone or a vehicle are higher because you are always on top speed.

The rule is simple: the more speeding tickets you have, the more auto insurance rates you pay. Your best strategy is to maintain a good driving record and avoid over-speeding.

When Does a Speeding Ticket Affect Insurance?

The ticket is usually issued for minor road offenses. It could be because you flouted some traffic rules. It could also be issued when you drive a little above the recommended speed limit.

Generally, a speeding ticket is for minor offenses, but getting more of it can impact your auto insurance rates.

You can decide to keep the ticket to yourself or fight it. However, the bubbles burst when your auto insurance company gets knowledge of the ticket.

Here are a few instances when your car insurer finds out about the ticket:

1.    Personal Reporting

Be on the safe side by “coming clean” during the auto insurance policy application process. Let the insurance company know that you have a speeding ticket and what could be done about it?

2.    Your Driving Abstract “Gives You Away”

Your car insurance company may only learn about the speeding ticket when it shows in your driving abstract. For emphasis, a driving abstract is a document that shows important information about the driver. The information includes the number of accumulated demerit points, the status of your driving license, and the past convictions relating to speeding tickets.

3.    When You Get Convicted

Your auto insurance company also finds out about the speeding ticket when you are convicted of the offense that led to the ticket.

4.    Paying the Fine

By paying the fine, your driving record will show the same. Your auto insurer can see the information and knowledge about your speeding ticket.

How Bad Does a Speeding Ticket Affect My Insurance?

Drivers need to be careful when on the road because getting a speeding ticket can make a lot of difference. Let us talk about some of the likely impacts of the ticket on your vehicle insurance rates.

1.    The Milage

The number of (excess) miles covered in the speeding ticket can be used to determine the insurance rates.

2.    Previous Traffic Violations

Getting a speeding ticket affects car insurance because the insurer will want to check your previous traffic violations. This includes previous speeding tickets you must have received in the past and any other related traffic violation.

The auto insurance company will also want to check the number of at-fault accidents you have gotten in the past.

3.    Circumstances of the Violation

Another factor that influences how much a speeding ticket affects your insurance is the circumstances of the ticket. For example, the auto insurer wants to find out if you have had other moving violations.

Factors like the duration between your last traffic violation and the current one will also be considered. If it is your first violation, the insurance rates may be lowered.

Does a Speeding Ticket Impact Insurance: The Role of Other Moving Violations?

Additional moving violations may affect your auto insurance rate. In addition to the over-speeding, you may be booked for any of the following traffic offenses/violations:

1.    External Speeding Ticket

This has to do with the speeding ticket issued to you in another state. It is best to pay the fine or settle out of court so you don’t risk an arrest the next time you pass through the state.

2.    External Activities while Driving

Maximum concentration is expected while driving. As such, pressing your phone, chatting, or making a phone call is not advised.

You may be booked for doing those and this could drive up your auto insurance rates.

3.    Traffic Sign Violation

Are you a serial traffic sign violator? This ranges from failing to stop the vehicle at a stop sign to speeding past a red-light sign.

4.    How Long Do Speeding Tickets Affect Insurance Rates?

Drivers who got a speeding ticket can expect it to stay on their record for a long time. Depending on the state, the applicable surcharges can stay for 3 to 5 years.

How to Reduce Auto Insurance Rates after Getting a Speeding Ticket

There is no doubt that a speeding ticket can increase your insurance rates. However, you may be able to reduce that using any of these strategies:

1.    Take a State-Approved Defensive Course

Consider taking a defensive course in a state-approved driving school. It is best for drivers who haven’t had any history of traffic violations. By taking and passing the course, you show “remorse” and prove that you are now in better stead to be on the road again.

2.    Take Advantage of Car Insurance Discounts

Check with your auto insurer to see if they have an open discount. This can help you save costs on renewing your policy.

3.    Shop Around for a New Coverage

Compare auto insurance quotes to see if you can find insurers that offer lower premiums. Although the speeding ticket will be looked into by the new company, the lower premiums can help you save more money.


Getting a speeding ticket is a minor traffic violation reprimand but it can become a bigger source of worry when your rates spike. You can put a needle to that balloon today by taking a cue from the tips we shared to keep off the ticket from your driving record.


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