What You Need to Know About Getting Your Florida Insurance Agent License

Do you want to become a Florida insurance agent? It is a great idea because prospective policyholders need all the help that they can get to choose the best policy.

But before you can start, you must become a licensed agent. The process is a particularly long one, but we have simplified it. In this article, you will find out the exact steps to take to become a licensed insurance agent in the state of Florida.

1.    Complete the State-Approved Pre-Licensing Education

Start your career as a Florida insurance agent by taking pre-approved educational courses. These courses must have been approved by the state. You can enroll them at any of the accredited learning centers.

For example, you can enroll with Florida Insurance Licensing Association. It is a state-approved online insurance school for insurance agents in the 2-15 Health & Life niche. The course also covers Annuities & Variable Contracts.

You can also use the Florida insurance agent lookup tab on the official MyFlorida CFO website to get more ideas on the state-approved courses.

Note that the pre-approved courses are subject to assessment per credit hours. That is, you must complete the required number of credit hours before getting a certificate. The credit hours range between 40 hours and 60 hours, depending on the course.

2.    Apply for Florida Insurance License

The next step is to file your application to be licensed as a Florida insurance agent. Do this immediately after you complete the credit hours and received your certificate.

The application must be filled out and submitted through the state’s Division of Insurance Agent and Insurance Agency Services.

3.    Pay the Approval Fee

Now, proceed to add a payment method and pay the necessary fees. Typically, you will be charged the sum of $5 being paid for your License ID.The sum of $50 is charged for processing the application.

4.    Scale the Background Checks

The state checks your background to confirm your eligibility to become a Florida insurance agent. To do this, the Florida insurance license department mandates all applicants to submit their fingerprints.

Once processed, the prints will be sent to the Department of Law in the state.

5.    Take the Florida Insurance License Test

Florida requires that an insurance agent must complete the licensing exam. This is used to adjudge your mastery of insurance regulations in thestate.

6.    Wait for Approval to Become a Florida Insurance Agent

You have now completed the most important aspect of the task. Now, wait for the state to check your records and run a series of background checks. An assessment of your performance in the test/exam will also be used to check your qualifications.

If you are successful, you will be notified by email. Alternatively, you can log into your account on the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services to check if you are qualified.

How to Increase Your Chances of Becoming a Florida Insurance Agent

Looking to become a Florida homeowners insurance agent? You may be interested in becoming a life insurance agent. Whichever it is, you must meet all the requirements.

Here are some important factors that can help increase your chances of becoming a Florida insurance agent:

1.    Meet the Age Requirements

You must be at least 18 years of age to be considered qualified to take the licensing exam.

2.    Have Zero Affiliations

You must not have any affiliations with any insurance agency. Typically, you must not have an active working relationship with any insurance firm or agency in your line.

For example, if you are interested in becoming a life insurance agent, do not work for insurance selling that type of policy.

Likewise, you must not be working for a direct disposing firm if you want to become a life or health insurance agent.

3.    Do not Start All Over Again

Once you start your Florida insurance agent application, do not stop. Continue with the registration process until the system notifies you that the application is complete.

4.    You Must Reside in Florida

It doesn’t make sense to want to become a Florida insurance agent when you don’t even leave there. Thus, you must be an active resident of the state of Florida to be qualified.

5.    Settle all Payments

The first thing you must do is add a payment method to your account. Navigate to the MyProfile dashboard on the Division of Agent and Agency Services website.

Endeavor to settle all the payments you are required to. This includes the fees for biometric/fingerprinting, License ID, and license application.

6.    Satisfy the Citizenship Requirements

Living in Florida is not enough to help you become a Florida insurance agent. You must be a citizen of the United States.

Another option is to submit documents proving your legal residence in the U.S. This can be in the form of presenting your Permanent Residency (PR) documents for confirmation.

7.    Print All Your Materials

Make sure to print all the materials you used during the Florida insurance agent application process. They may be required at some point during the roundup of your application.

When You Finally Become a Florida Insurance Agent

Your dreams have come through and you are now a legal Florida insurance agent. What do you do to become the best among your fellow agents?

Here are some ideas to help you beat the competition:

1.    Be Ready to Help

It is understood that you are becoming an insurance agent to make money. Yet, you must not forget the whole essence, which is to help people. Be ready to help your clients in finding the best insurance policy for their homes, lives, and vehicles.

2.    Keep an Eye on the Market

Always follow the trends in the insurance market. Be among the first to know when an important change is coming to the industry. Access to such information gets you prepared to make necessary switches to remain relevant.

3.    Take Continuous Tests

Consider enrolling for continuing education for insurance agents so you can get new ideas and gain new qualifications.

4.    Becoming a Florida Insurance Agent is Easy

When processing your application, provide accurate information. Remember to take the relevant courses and complete the required number of credit hours.


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