Home Insurance in BC: Tips & Top Policy Providers

Are you looking to get home insurance in BC? That’s a great move to insure the structural architecture of the property and get reimbursed when you lose your belongings.

In this article, you will discover some of the valuable tips that will help you get the best home insurance in BC. You will also find out the top policy providers in the province.

How Does Home Insurance in BC Work?

Home insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects the building itself. In some cases, the provider may cover the content of the building and detached structures.

It is best to speak with a reliable home insurance provider in BC to be sure of what’s covered in the policy.

What Type of Home Insurance is Best?

The major factors to consider when shopping for a home insurance policy are the structure of the building and the cost of insurance.

Since most companies cover the building, you want to focus on the costs. the costs are divided into Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value.

Replacement Cost Value has to do with the cost of replacing or repairing damaged properties in the house. On the other hand, Actual Cash Value deals with the…

Tips on Buying Affordable Home Insurance Policy in British Columbia

Prospective homeowners in British Columbia (BC) need to be strategic when it comes to the insurance policy. The policy providers pay attention to some factors to determine the legibility of the potential policyholders.

We bet that you are looking to get cheaper home insurance in BC. In that case, pay attention to the following because they can impact your premiums:

1.    Live in a Good Neighborhood

By “good neighborhood,” we don’t only mean living in an area with beam-faced neighbors. Pay particular attention to societal vices and crime rates. Your chances of paying higher premiums increase if you live in a crime-prone neighborhood.

Living in a highbrow neighborhood may not be a good idea either because the costs can add up quickly. If you can afford it, that’s okay. But if you can’t, consider relocating to a less-expensive neighborhood where the cost of home insurance in BC is affordable.

2.    Stabilize Your Insurance

Unknown to some homeowners, some of the best home insurance companies in BC Canada offer discounts for “stabilized homes.”

Here’s what we mean: if you will live on the property for a long, you can get a discount. This is because the home insurance provider doesn’t need to worry about shopping for a new policyholder after a few years.

If you plan on staying for several years, let the company know. They may be too glad to knock some bucks off your premium.

3.    Don’t Leave Everything to the Home Insurance Company

While it is nice to insure your home, some works need to be done by you too. Do not leave everything to the home insurance policy provider.

Minor works like replacing damaged items caused by power fluctuation can be done without your policy.

Renovating your home should also be on your to-do list. The insurance company considers this and can reduce the premiums you pay.

Any minor or affordable upgrade you can do in your home should be done. Over time, the policy provider will factor these in and reduce your premiums so you can save more on deductibles.

4.    Be Certain of the Deductibles

How much will the home insurance company in BC collect monthly to service your home? Be sure of this and speak with a customer representative to be certain.

You may also be able to negotiate the payment options for the deductible. It could be by paying higher deductibles to cover the insurance in a short time. Or it can be done by making batch payments every month.

5.    Maintain a Good Credit Standing

Credit scores are subtle proof to insurance providers that the policyholder is financially-stable. The best home insurance providers in BC will be happy to cover your home for that reason.

6.    Be “Claim-Free”

Can anyone be claim-free? This might not always be possible because you need to make claims to renovate your property when due.

However, there are some “little” actions on your part that can help reduce these claims. These include:

  • Reduce the number of claims you file for your home.
  • Make some important repairs without filing a claim.

The ideal strategy to become “claim-free” is by avoiding any claims for at least 10 years.

7.    Consider Bundling Your Home Insurance in BC

Bundled insurance is a term that highlights the combination of multiple insurance policies. You can “bundle” your home and car insurance. That way, your home, and the vehicle will be protected with one insurance policy.

Consider using any of the bundled insurance companies to protect both your home and any other valuable property.

Who Provides the Best Home Insurance in BC?

Are you looking for the best home insurance companies in BC? Here is a list of some of the top companies that cover homes in British Columbia:

1.    Harbord Insurance Services Ltd.

With the tagline, “The Home Insurance People,” Harbord provides extensive home insurance coverage. It is the best home insurance in Vancouver Island, Northern BC, and Thompson Okanagan.

The company also provides tenant insurance and condo insurance.Its high-value insurance coverage is targeted at covering townhouses with contents up to $150,000.

2.    Westland Insurance

This home insurance provider covers most parts of British Columbia, including North Vancouver. It estimates that home insurance coverage ranges between $98 per month in Surrey and $90 per month in Langley.

3.    Surex

Surex is another home insurance company in BC Canada. The company promises to help you “save up to 25% on home insurance in BC.”

In addition, it offers extensive home insurance policies, including:

  • Liability coverage
  • Broad coverage
  • Claims forgiveness
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Scheduled items

Wrapping Up

Getting home insurance in BC helps protect your home and your most treasured belongings. Depending on the home insurance company in British Columbia, you can save up to 20% on total costs. Make efforts to contact the customer representative for more information and get a quote for your home.


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