5 Maverick Ways to Generating Home Insurance Leads for Your Agency

Generating home insurance leads is a bit challenging for some insurance agents. But it doesn’t have to be because we see it as the simplest marketing strategy. Maybe, it is because we are already used to it.

Nevertheless, we are going to inspire you with ideas on how to generate quality home insurance leads for your agency.

What Do You Need Home Insurance Leads for?

Is there any need to generate homeowners insurance leads in the first place? Yes, there is. The leads are a list of people who are likely interested in buying a home insurance policy.

By gathering the data of these prospective clients, you can start pitching to them. Having a list of home insurance prospects also helps your marketing efforts. You don’t always have to run adverts or publicize your homeowner’s insurance agency. You can simply send an email to your current list and let them know of new offers.

So, you need a home insurance list to get started with marketing your agency.

How to Generate Homeowners Insurance Leads for Agents

In this section, we talk about the exact steps you must take to generate these leads. Below are the five (5) most important home insurance lead generation strategies:

1.    Use Social Media Platforms like Facebook

We wouldn’t add WhatsApp to the list for now because you don’t even have any leads yet. Turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to generate home insurance leads for agents.

Understandably, things can be confusing at first. That’s what we are solving by creating this content. Wondering how to generate leads for your home insurance agency on social media?

First, create educative content on Facebook. You already know that Facebook is the “largest social media platform.” As such, it is flooded with billions of people, of which millions of those are your prospective clients.

The general idea is to create a fan page that focuses on insurance. Name it after your insurance company and add a “Call-to-Action” button. Rather than use the “Send Message” button on the page, change it to “Visit Website.” Then, add the link to the email opt-in page on your website.

Once visitors click on the link on your Facebook page, they will be directed to your website. Then, they can submit their names and email addresses to join your email list.

On Twitter, optimize your profit. Start talking about insurance. Create educative content, including:

  • Why homeowner’s insurance is important.
  • The current statistics about home insurance in the United States or some other location.

You are free to add a to your email opt-in list on your Bio. Or, use the embedded newsletter on Twitter to generate home insurance leads on the platform.

LinkedIn is another social media platform for exclusive home insurance leads. It may take some time to get a hang of things. In the meantime, stick to building connections, joining groups and communities, and offering valuable information.

In all, do not try to sell or promote your home insurance package except if you are running an ad. Just provide educative content. It is a content marketing strategy for generating insurance leads.

2.    How to Get Home Insurance Leads through Referrals

Referral marketing or affiliate marketing works for all businesses. Consider using this to generate the best home insurance leads. There are two ways to go about this.

First, you can create a referral program on your agency’s website. Interested persons can sign up as affiliates and earn a commission per referral you closed.

The second model is by offering valuable service to your existing clients. A satisfied client would be pleased to let others know how valuable your services are. Once you are sure they like your service, kindly ask if they would help spread the word? The chances are that they will!

3.    Use SEO to Generate Home Insurance Leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can form a part of your home insurance leads generation strategy. SEO has to do with the strategies used to make a platform, service, or product available on Search Engines like Google.

You can start by creating a home insurance-focused blog where you talk about every aspect of insuring a home. Try to rank for different keywords in the home insurance niche to generate organic traffic.

Another way is by paying for the leads. You can buy home insurance leads through Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. Simply log into your AdWords account to start creating your ads. Make sure you enter the keywords as a Broad Match so that once someone looks them up, your ads show.

It is also possible to become a Guest Contributor to home insurance blogs. Talk extensively about different topics related to insuring a home. It gives off the impression that you are an authority. Readers of such blogs will be interested to look you up and from there, you can turn them into leads.

Share Your Ideas on Forums

Turn to Quora or other popular online forums to share your knowledge of home insurance. A simpler way to do this is by answering some of the home insurance questions asked by the forum users.

4.    Become a Networker to Generate Tons of Home Insurance Leads

Socializing can help you generate more home insurance leads than you imagined. Wondering about how to do that? Here are some ideas:

  • Attend insurance conferences and contribute when the audience is asked.
  • Try to be a guest speaker at a home insurance event organized by a group.
  • Join cliques, organizations, and groups in the home insurance niche.
  • Join insurance groups on Facebook and share your ideas.
  • Hold live sessions on your Facebook page/timeline to talk about the home insurance process.

5.    Start Building Your Community

Today, community-like movements tend to gain traction more than others that is not. Take advantage of the trend and create a community.

Easier ways to do that are:

  • Connecting with your school alumni and contributing to meaningful projects.
  • Sponsoring community projects.
  • Backing scholarships for not-for-profit organizations.

Concluding: Generating Home Insurance Leads is Simple

The above is only a few of the tips on generating leads for your home insurance agency. You may also want to buy email lists of existing and prospective homeowners so you can start marketing right away!


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