How to Find the Cheapest Insurance for Car in 9 Easy Steps

Driving with caution is one sure way to stay safe on the road. However, your car insurance policy can help you drive safely and have some claimable coverages if you get into an accident. This is why you must learn how to find the cheapest insurance for car to protect your vehicle.

In this article, we guide you on how to get cheap insurance on a car. We also compared some of the popular auto insurance options to help you make the best decision.

Is Car Insurance Ever Cheap?

It may be hard to find cheap insurance for a car. Drivers spend thousands of dollars yearly to pay premiums on their vehicles. Younger drivers may get a discount, depending on the auto insurer.

Insuring your car is very important, as you wouldn’t want to pay out of your pocket for accidents or property damages caused by the vehicle. We have made a list of the things you must do to save costs on purchasing car insurance for your car.

1.    Buy Auto Insurance Policy from Regional Insurers

We know that you prefer having your vehicle insured by USAA, GEICO, or State Farm. Those are not only global auto insurers, but they charge higher premiums too.

Except you don’t mind, purchasing car insurance from there can be costly. An effective strategy to cutting down on car insurance costs is by working with regional insurers.

Make a Google search. Ask for recommendations from fellow car owners or check local directories for auto insurers.

Several regional vehicle insurance companies don’t charge as high as the established brands. You can use their services for a start. If you are satisfied, continue. If not, check with other auto insurance companies until you get an affordable quote.

2.    Increase Your Auto Insurance Deductible to Save Costs

An auto insurance deductible is the amount of money paid by the policyholder, pending the activation of the claim option. Your insurer requires that the deductible is paid to a certain extent to help cover any accident or damage to the vehicle.

The rule of thumb is to pay a higher deductible so you can save more on premium. Your auto insurance agent should be able to guide you further on how this works.

3.    Start Looking for How to Find Cheap Car Insurance Rates on Time

Do not wait until it is time to purchase the auto insurance policy before comparing quotes. Start on time and check with multiple insurers to get an idea of the quotation.

4.    Find a Balance to Avoid Overspending

No amount is too low to pay to keep your life safe. However, some expenses may not be worth it at a specific time.

How to get the cheapest car insurance possible is by finding out how much coverage you need. Do you need the coverage to accommodate a co-driver or to cover for accidents?

The extent of the coverage correlates to the driving habits you have. If you drive at a fast pace, chances are that you will knock someone down or get into an auto crash.

Monitor your driving habits lately and see how to cover them with your auto insurance policy.

5.    Use the “Black Box Insurance” Technique to Save Insurance Costs for Vehicles

The Black Box Insurance refers to the coverage offered to policyholders on a Pay-as-You-Go (PASG) basis. These drivers only get to pay auto insurance based on their activities and driving habits.

The interesting thing about this is that drivers can get discounts if they only drive for a few miles.

6.    Get Some Bucks off for Multiple Auto Insurance Policies

Do you have more than one car and looking for how to find the best price on car insurance? It is simple – buy more auto insurance policies from thesame company.

It is effective because the company will be inclined to offer a discount since you have more policies in force with them.

7.    Buy Bundled Insurance Policies

Bundled Insurance Policies refer to the purchase of multiple insurance policies from the same company. It is quite different from the purchase of multiple auto insurance policies from the same insurer.

While the latter covers only cars, the former can cover both cars and other properties. An example of bundled insurance policy is the home and auto insurance policy. It covers both your home and vehicle from damages. Click here to read more about it.

8.    Shop Around to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Quote

Look at the quotations from different vehicle insurers to compare the options. This strategy works effectively for auto insurance renewal. Since you have an idea of what your current insurer charges, check with its competitors to see if they have better offers.

9.    Is the Worth the Coverage?

The fact is that some cars are more susceptible to damage and theft? Sports cars, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and flashy cars may increase your premiums.

How can you lower your car insurance rate by being mindful of your vehicle? Below are some tips:

What is the Theft Rate?

Cars that have been stolen in the past can be stolen again and again. Check the news and read information from authoritative car blogs to get an idea of the theft rate.

You may want to reconsider buying a vehicle that appears to be getting all the attention, in terms of theft.

Is the Car “Flashy?”

Flashy cars include the ones draped in bright colors, such as red, white, and orange. If your car has any or more of those colors, its premium may be higher.

What is the Crash Test Rating?

What does the crash test rating of the vehicle read? The rating signifies the possibility of the vehicle getting into a crash.

Best tip? Avoid vehicles with unverified or lower crash test ratings.

10. Prove You’re Responsible by Maintaining a Good Credit Score

Your credit score can also impact the premium paid on auto insurance. Car insurers tend to look through your credit score/financial standing over the years to know your spending habits.

Your credit score is also a “mirror of sorts” to determining how responsible you are. It helps the insurer determine if you are more likely to avoid getting into a crash just by looking through your financial records.

Wrapping Up: Finding Cheap Car Insurance is Easy than Thought

The tips discussed in this article can help you save costs on your vehicle’s insurance rate. To wrap it up, make a trip in your car and use public transport sometimes.

The reason is that auto insurers may increase your premium if your car is your only means of transportation. By using the car often, you increase its risks of getting into a crash and shooting the mileage to the sky. All these calls for one thing – an increase in your car insurance rate.


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