Life Insurance Agent Roles and Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

Do you want to take up the job of a life insurance agent? It is a great idea because insurance agencies are continually looking for agents to prospect life insurance coverage to prospective policyholders. But you need to know what the job description of a life insurance agent is, as that helps you to know what is expected of you.

This article provides the clarity you need. With the information here, you would be better informed on what your duties are and how best to carry them out for your employer.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Agent?

Life insurance agents specialize in selling or promoting life insurance policies to people who want to prepare for the future, in terms of securing their future financial responsibilities. As a life insurance agent, you must be great at marketing, because the process typically involves a lot of marketing, cold calling, and “sweet-talking.”

There are different kinds of life insurance agents. These are captive agents and independent agents.

Life insurance agents typically work with clients or individuals who are interested in getting life insurance coverage. By working with them, you have direct access to explore the best insurance plans to cater to their needs. It is also possible for you to work with a group of professionals who are looking to get the best life insurance policies for their employees or loved ones.

Also, life insurance agents work for an insurance company that sells or offers that type of coverage. In that case, you are the primary marketer, helping the company sell its life insurance policy to those who need it. In such an instance, your role is designated as “Captive Insurance Agent.” This is common when you work for just one life insurance company.

On the other hand, you can decide to work for multiple life insurance companies. In this case, your role is that of an “Independent Life Insurance Agent.” This permits you to work as an agent for insurance brokerages.

The advantage of this is that you get to prospect the coverage to clients who are looking to get life insurance from different companies. For example, an independent life insurance agent can sell the policy of Company A, that of Company B, as well as that of Company C at once.

Life Insurance Agent Skills and Qualifications

What are the prerequisite skills and qualifications that can facilitate your chances of being hired as a life insurance agent? Most of the time, these insurance agent roles and descriptions focus on the educational background and the interpersonal skills of the agent.

Here are some of the requirements that typically make their way into a job description for life insurance agent:

1.    Educational Background

Your level of education is very important and when you get a certification from a reputable institution, your chances are higher. Having a Bachelor’s degree is nice, but it would be excellent if you have a diploma or master’s. Also, your educational certification needs to be in either the finance or business administration fields.

For the financial aspect, you are expected to have an excellent background in finance because that is the primary help you are rendering to your clients. The business administration aspect is important if you are looking to get a job as a life insurance agent that manages your client’s policy.

2.    Training Course Completion

Some life insurance companies may require you to have obtained a certificate from a reputable training institution. That gives you a hands-on experience on life insurance policies and management than the theoretical aspect mainly obtainable in colleges.

3.    Excellent Customer Service

Life insurance agents are also customer representatives because they are the “face of the insurance company.” As the company’s marketer, you are to inspire your prospective clients with reasons why getting a life insurance policy is important.

Your life agent job description also includes attending to the concerns of clients on time. This includes being patient when they are trying to make a decision, helping out with ideas when they are stuck, and helping them choose the best policy.

4.    Life Insurance Agent License is a MUST

It is a must to obtain a life insurance agent license because this is the legal permission you need to operate. Note that the conditions for obtaining the license vary by state. The license must be obtained and used in the state where you want to offer your life insurance agent services.

Note: The first license you obtained will expire at a specific time. After that, you are to upgrade the license and this usually entails taking continuing education for an insurance agent. This is your opportunity to learn more about the latest insurance trends, the changes in the industry, and newer requirements if any.

5.    Excellent Communication Skills

Another job description for an insurance agent is to possess excellent communication skills. You will need this when interacting with your new and existing clients.

Besides, your communication fluency helps the clients to understand what they stand to gain and helps in converting them faster.

Have in mind that by communication, reference is being made to both verbal and written communication.

6.    Strong Marketing Strategies & Pitching Skills

Have in mind that a life insurance agent is a core marketer and must be great at that. Nowadays, insurance companies are hiring tech-savvy agents – who can use tech tools and social media platforms to close sales.

In addition to that, you must have a knack for canceling objections, cold-pitching, and networking to gain new prospects.

Responsibilities of a Life Insurance Agent

The duties of life insurance are also a part of the job description. Here, the focus is on the things you can do to make the clients utilize the coverage to the fullest.

The responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Customer Base Expansion: You should be able to get more clients to get your company’s life insurance policy.
  • Helping your clients make a claim.
  • Make life insurance coverage recommendations, based on the needs of your prospective clients.
  • Gathering and using clients’ data and protecting the same.
  • Ensuring that the payouts or death benefits are paid to the insured clients’ loved ones on their death.
  • Educate your prospective customers on the benefits and expectations of a life insurance policy.
  • Advise your clients on how to use annuities to earn passive income.


The job description of an insurance agent is not as complex as many people make it to be. You need to be educated on how these policies work and a great way to get started is by having a financial or business administration background. Not to worry if you don’t have a degree or diploma in those fields.

You can enroll in a training college or enroll in a recognized training course to equip you with the knowledge of how the policy work. Intern or work for a life insurance agent to get a real-life experience of the job. Then, take continuing courses to be abreast with the latest changes in the life insurance market in your location.


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