A List of the Top 5 Mobile Home Dealers in Canada

Are you looking to find the best mobile home dealers in Canada? There are lots of them from Ontario to Wisconsin. In this article, you will discover the top five (5) companies that engage in manufactured home production.

What is a Mobile Home?

As the name implies, this is a type of building that is “mobile.” By design, a mobile home is structured as a movable caravan. Through the attachment of wheels, it can be moved from one place to another, temporarily.

Who is the Best Mobile Home Dealers in Canada?

Below is a list of some of the best mobile home manufacturers in Canada, including the specific services they offer.

1.    Northlander Industries

Northlander is one of the oldest manufacturers of mobile homes in Canada. The company understands the very essence of these homes – providing a comfortable staying place for the customers.

Northlander has been in business for over 58 years (1964). Throughout this time, it has designed different kinds of mobile homes, including park homes.

2.    Clark’s Mobile Homes

Reach out to Clark’s Mobile Homes if you are looking for mobile home dealers in Ontario. The company takes pride in delivering exceptional manufactured homes within the budget of its customers.

With over 40 years of experience, the company has “seen it all” and knows what you just need! Clark’s Mobile Homes also offer different kinds of designs. From the construction of modern mobile homes to park-like homes; it handles them all.

Reasonable pricing is also one of its USPs. Customers can finance their homes starting from $42 per square for new mobile homes for sale. Older and high-end mobile homes also have affordable pricing, starting from $250 per month.

3.    Salman Homes

Do you want to buy from mobile home dealers in Alberta? Salman Homes is readily available to serve you with its unique affordable and beautifully-designed mobile homes.

Through custom floor planning, the manufacturer would be able to build your home from scratch. Besides, you get to inspire the company with the right set of features you want in your new mobile home!

4.    Wholesale Housing Inc.

This is one of the leading mobile home dealers in Canada. It also doubles as the first mobile home dealer to bring Fairmont mobile homes and distribute the same in the country.

The company provides standard modular home options and provides extensive home features. These include:

  • Home appliances, such as dishwashers and fridges.
  • Exterior faucet
  • Mini blinds
  • Water heaters
  • Shutters

5.    Western Canadian Modular Home Sales

This company specializes in designing modular homes for individuals with a taste for home customization. The company also offers different kinds of modular home models, including Canadian cottages and park models.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Mobile Homes in Canada

There are a couple of things you must know before finalizing the deal with a mobile home dealer. Here are some of the things to have in mind:

1.    CSA Certification Attachment

According to the Manufactured Home Registry in the Province of British Columbia, the CSA Certification is important. It must be attached to the mobile home at the point of sale.

The CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association label. It details the set of specifications for mobile homes bought, sold, or transferred in the province.

2.    Submit the Relevant Documents

Endeavor to submit copies of important documents, such as Notice to Transfer or Change Ownership and the Bill of Sale.

These documents must be filled out accurately and submitted through any of the preapproved service providers.

These service providers include home dealers, lawyers, and mobile home manufacturers. They help mobile home buyers to submit their documents to the BC Manufactured Home Registry.

3.    You Must have Your Land

Do not be misled by the fact that these are mobile or “movable” homes. Most times, the mobile home dealers don’t sell the property with land.

That is why you must have land or somewhere where the home can be placed as soon as it is ready for installation.

Don’t have land? Consider leasing one or asking a friend to make use of his if it wouldn’t be needed in the next couple of years.

4.    Mobile Homes Can be Expensive

One of the major reasons why prospective homeowners prefer mobile homes is because it is “affordable.” However, the affordability varies by the number of factories.

The specifications of the house, the size, and the location play an important role in the cost. Also, the experience and quality of materials offered by the manufacturer can increase its price.

5.    Financing Options for Mobile Homes are Lower

Unlike traditional houses, mobile homes are not easily financed. Some banks do not take heed to offer loans because of the assumption that this is not “real” property.

In light of that, you may only be able to get financing through close friends and relatives. Mobile home mortgage lenders may be willing to offer you a loan, provided you have a good credit score.

6.    Understand the Taxation Policy

In some states, you will be asked to pay tax on mobile homes. This may also vary by state, so check if it is available in your location.

7.    Take Note of the Applicable Fees

Several fees are payable for mobile homes. Just like regular homes, mobile home needs to be insured. The insurance typically covers the cost of stolen items, burglary, and property damages caused by adverse weather conditions.

Fees are also applicable for utilities provisioned in the mobile home. Your mobile home dealer may offer you lower utilities and cover the same in the monthly payments.

Final Thoughts

Mobile homes in Canada are readily available for sale for interested homeowners who want to spend less on buying a home. In addition to the thrills that come with it, the home can be a resort for happiness. Getting one located in a park helps you to interact with other mobile homeowners. Start your mobile home ownership journey today by contacting any of the mobile home dealers on the list and asking for a quotation.


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