What Do Mobile Home Insurers in Florida Cover with the Policy?

Mobile home insurance coverage in Florida varies by the insurance company. The extent of the coverage and the liability covered are some important factors to consider. In this article, you will discover what mobile home insurers in Florida cover with the policy.

What is Mobile Home Insurance in Florida?

Mobile home insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers mobile homes. Mobile homeowners buy this policy to protect the home and its content.

Do I Need the Services of Mobile Home Insurers in Florida?

Currently, the state of Florida doesn’t require insurance for mobile homes. Thus, prospective homeowners can pack into the building once payment is completed.

However, if you are looking to protect the home and its contents, it would be great to insure it.

Besides, many lenders will require a copy of your insurance policy before offering you a mortgage on the property.

The only exception is if you made a payment for the home with your finance. Thus, there may be no need to require external funds to complete the acquisition of the home.

Mobile Home Insurance in FL Coverage Options

Now, let us talk about some of the coverage options found in the best mobile home insurance in Florida.

Here are some of the typical coverages you can expect to find in the policy:

1.    Dwelling Coverage

This is the most important coverage offered by a mobile insurance policy. The coverage mainly covers the physical structure of your mobile home. This includes the permanent components, such as the roof and walls.

Note that the dwelling coverage is subject to insurance policy claims only when the physical structures and or components are damaged.

2.    Loss of Use

There is a coverage categorized as “Loss of Use.” It has to do with the situation whereby the mobile home owner isn’t able to live on the property. This is usually temporary and is caused by important repairs to the home or total renovation.

In such a case, the mobile home owner will be reimbursed by the insurer to find a temporal living place pending the completion of work.

The coverage of the Loss of Use typically covers the cost of lodging in a hotel and feeding.

3.    Personal Property Protection

The mobile home insurer in Florida can also offer personal property protection. This covers the cost of replacing your lost or damaged property in the mobile home.

Also, the protection extends to the items that are lost outside of the home. The only condition is that it must fall under “personal property.”

4.    Liability Protection

This type of mobile home insurance coverage is viable if someone gets hurt on your property. In this case, the best-manufactured home insurance companies will cover the cost of treating the injured person.

The protection may also cover the legal costs, in the case the injured person files a lawsuit.

5.    Coverage for Detached Structures

Structures that are not a part of the main mobile home can also be covered. They are classified as “Detached Structures.”

Mobile homeowners can protect their detached sheds, carports, and awnings with this coverage.

What is the Cost of Mobile Home Insurance in Florida?

The average cost of mobile home insurance in Florida is between $300 and $1,000. This depends on the provider.

Some of the cheapest mobile home insurance companies in Florida are GEICO and Kin Insurance Technology Hub. While GEICO charges up to $1,000, Kin charges below $1,000.

How to Get Cheap Mobile Home Insurance in Florida

The cost of getting or buying a mobile home insurance policy in Florida varies by provider. Also, the age of the home and the county where it is located in Florida can impact the cost.

However, you may be able to cut down on the cost of buying the policy through the following ways:

1.    Pay Higher Deductibles

Some mobile homeowners often overlook the role of paying higher deductibles. By paying higher, you will dramatically reduce the premium you pay.

2.    Install Additional Security Gadgets

Although the insurer may offer a low premium, it would be great if you show efforts to get the best deal. What do we mean? Show that you are interested in protecting your mobile home. Maybe from intruders or as a general security addition to the home.

A great way to start is by installing additional security gadgets. “Tiny pieces of security gadget” like water irrigation systems and security alarms can help you get lower premiums.

3.    Maintain a “Clean Bill of Finance”

Try to keep your credit score “clean.” That way, the mobile home insurers in Florida, when approached, will be convinced of your creditworthiness.

4.    No Man is an Island

Yeah, the whole idea of a mobile home is for “easy and comfy transport.” Yet, you may knock a buck of money off your premium if you live in a park.

5.    Don’t Make Claims all the Time

Mobile home insurance companies may want to consider homeowners who don’t make a lot of claims. This is especially when the claims are “avoidable.”

If you can spare it, try to avoid making some claims. Doing so may pass a signal that you are always ready to make a claim when you could have done something to prevent the incident in the first place.

6.    Go for Newer Mobile Homes

Mobile homes became more rampant around 1976. If you happen to live in one constructed around that time, you may pay higher premiums.

Mobile home insurers in Florida tend to favor newer homes because those pose fewer claims than the former.

Stick to newer mobile homes, if you can overlook the fun that comes with a home constructed “in the good old days.”

7.    Be Prepared for the Weather Changes

Living in a mobile home located in a flood-prone area can be risky. You have to buy a flood insurance policy separately because it is not covered under the standard homeowner’s insurance.

You can buy the policy either through a private home insurance company or directly from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) under FEMA’s management.

Likewise, you need additional coverage if your mobile home is located where storms and a tropical hurricane is recurrent.


Popular mobile home insurers in Florida include Black’s Insurance & Financial Services, GEICO, Foremost Insurance, Southern Oak Insurance Co., and Safe Harbor Insurance. You may also want tocontact a private agent or company representative to find the best policy for your mobile home in Florida.


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