12 Amazing Safety Features that Lower Car Insurance & Their Uses

Are there safety features that lower car insurance? Yes, there are and you can start using some of them today. You see, your vehicle is susceptible to many damages, ranging from auto crashes to colliding with a pedestrian.

Investing in car crash prevention technology can go a long way to help you keep your vehicle safe. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 12 safety features that lower car insurance.

What are the Car Safety Features?

First, let us understand what car safety features mean and why you should consider them. These are specific devices installed in a vehicle to help prevent an accident or protect the occupants in the event of a collision.

Therefore, it is evident why your auto insurance company would be willing to give you a cut in the premiums paid. Since you are already using some of the safety devices in your car, the chances of getting into an accident are minimal. Likewise, making a claim wouldn’t be a regular thing, as you have already installed the devices to keep the vehicle safe.

What are the Car Safety Features that Lower Your Car Insurance?

Installing an automatic emergency braking system is one of the significant ways to pay lower car premiums. But that is not all you need to keep your vehicle and its occupants safe.

Below are some of the additional safety features that lower car insurance:

1.    Install an Electronic Stability Control

No doubt, you are a good driver and an experienced one at that. However, there are times when you may be unable to fully control the vehicle. For example, driving during winter or driving on an icy or wet road can increase the chances of losing control of the car.

With an Electronic Stability Control (ESC), your vehicle will maintain considerable control in such scenarios.

How Does an Electronic Stability Control Work?

It works by keeping the car under control, especially when traveling on icy or wet terrains. With this, the driver maintains control of the car, especially when making a turn or applying the brakes on slippery roads.

2.    Backup Camera

You need a backup camera installed, especially if your car’s model by default doesn’t support it. The backup camera works by allowing you to have a good view of the vehicle’s rear when you are reversing.

3.    Anti-Lock Brake Systems

This is also one of the automated safety features that lower car insurance. It works by keeping the vehicle under control when skidding. It is a better replacement for the “wheel pumping” format that used to be the thing around 1960 and early 1970.

4.    Install an Anti-Theft System in Your Car

Living in an area where car theft is common? It is worth it to install an anti-theft system. It is one of the best car safety features that lower insurance because the vehicle is safer with it.

So, how exactly does an anti-theft system work in a car? Generally, the system works by keeping the car active, security-wise. When something is amiss, you will be the first to know.

Below are some of the anti-theft systems that you can install in your vehicle:

  • GPS Tracker
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Audible alarm
  • Brake lock

5.    Use A Recovery Device

It is a special device installed in your car to help in tracking it when it is lost. You will have to partner with law enforcement, such as the police to make headway with this.

6.    Install a Car Alarm

The anti-theft car alarm can either be active or passive. The active anti-theft car alarm works by making a sound when the car’s system is in use. For example, it can come on when the remote control is used to open the car.

You can also use the passive anti-theft car alarm, which works by issuing an audible alert when someone tries to access the vehicle. It could be when someone touches the car, tries to break the windows, or attempts to forcefully open the doors.


7.    Lane Departure Systems

This is a type of car safety feature that uses cameras to keep the vehicle in position. The moment you begin to drift out of your lane, the alarm goes up to keep you in check.

8.    Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights are headlights that help you when making turns with your car. The electronic sensors equipped inside them help the car to throw direct light around the curves as you turn the car.

Your car’s adaptive headlights also help with night driving, as they make the pathway clearer.

9.    Crash Notification

This is a device that sends notifications to emergency responders when your vehicle is involved in an auto crash.

10. Automatic Braking System

It is a type of car safety feature that automates the braking process. Once the sensors notice that the car is heading for a crash, they activate the brake to avoid the crash.

The automatic braking system works with the forward collision sensors to do this effectively.

11. Pedestrian Detection System

It is a type of safety feature that lower car insurance, aiding in the prevention of a collision with pedestrians.

The system works with sensors that pick out pedestrians on the path and reduces the vehicle’s speed to prevent a collision.

12. Forward and Rear-Collision Warning Technology

This type of car safety feature uses sensors on both the front and rear of your vehicles. The sensors alert the driver when someone or an object is either in the front or rear of the car.

Once the audible or visual signals are sent, it is then up to you to take action to keep the car safe. You can either steer the vehicle out of the path or apply the brakes to prevent a collision.



What is the Best Collision Avoidance System?

Both the forward collision warning technology and the lane departure systems can help you avoid collisions on the pathway.

What are the Most Important Car Safety Features?

The backup camera, car alarms, and recovery device are the basic safety features that lower car insurance. You need them to avoid collisions, be warned when someone tries to steal your car, and aid in recovering your car if stolen or lost.

Do Safety Features Lower Car Insurance?

Installing a car safety feature can motivate your auto insurer to give you a discount because you have already shown the zeal to keep the vehicle safer by using those devices.

Can Car Safety Features Impact My Premium?

Some Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) may not lower car insurance costs. For example, high-end devices may be expensive to repair. Also, the overt reliance on these technologies can speed up auto crashes rather than reduce them, because the devices may malfunction.

Conclusion: What is a Cheap Way to Lower Car Insurance?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can help keep the car safe – but don’t rely on them entirely. Always keep an eye on the road, obey the traffic rules and maintain a decent speed. That way, your vehicle will be safer and you wouldn’t be overly exposed to danger while on the road.


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