7 Uber Safety Tips for Passengers Booking Their First Rideshare Trip

Uber brought a lot of changes to the global transportation system with its ridesharing service. Anyone with an Internet-enabled device can literally “beckon on a car” and it comes to their spot to pick them up.

Exciting, right? That is the ridesharing world we live in now, thanks to Uber’s brilliant service. Now, you can book your ride to see a friend, go on a picnic or simply go to the movies. But all these need to be done with some caution. You need to learn the top Uber safety tips for passengers so you don’t end up giving a 1-star rating on your first ride.

Uber Safety Checklist

Uber is not leaving stones unturned to make sure that its customers cum passengers don’t feel bad for booking a ride. This is why the company has released a couple of safe Uber tips to help these passengers stay safe.

As a passenger, you can choose to go with the technological aspect of the tips or the manual aspect. Whichever you choose, rest assured that your safety is a priority.

For the technological aspect, you are looking at using your Uber app to monitor the ride. This includes the ride’s arrival, confirmation of the driver’s details, and the vehicle’s details. You can also use your mobile app to track the progress of the ride and see if it is following your recommended destination.

For the manual aspect, you are essentially trying to be more careful as an individual. This includes being strategic with your sitting position and taking note of your environment as the ride progresses.

With that being said, let us jump right into the top Uber tips for passengers whether this is your first time booking a ride or not.

1.    Be out of View before the Ride Comes

This is one of the safety tips for Uber rides – and it is highly recommended by Uber. The company requests its users or passengers to stay inside an enclosed place while their ride is on the way.

What if your current location isn’t enclosed? You may want to avoid pressing your phone or continually looking up when a vehicle approaches. It may give the impression that you are waiting for a ride. A mischievous driver may seize the opportunity to pick you up and that isn’t even the ride you booked!

Always find somewhere safe to stay and wait for your ride to show up. When it does, jump right to the second tip below to improve your safety tricks.

2.    Confirm the Ride before Boarding

A driver can pull over and say you booked him when you aren’t even sure. Try to confirm every important information about the ride before boarding. We recommend that you:

  • Confirm that the identity of the driver matches what you have on the Uber app.
  • Make sure that vehicle details, including the make, model, and license plate are the same as on the app.
  • Asking the driver to confirm the name of the passenger he is there to pick up. it can help you know if the driver is actually the one you booked or if there has been a mix-up somehow.

3.    Your Seatbelts on Please!

Sure, you aren’t riding in your car, but a car is a car! And the seatbelt is there “begging” to be used. Besides, putting on a seatbelt can help save you to a considerable extent if there is a car crash.

Speaking of an auto crash, some rideshare companies like Uber provide rideshare insurance for their drivers. The policy protects the driver, the passenger, and the vehicle to a considerable extent.

So, always put on your seatbelt so your chances of being saved if there is an auto crash will be higher.

4.    Keep some Information to Yourself, if You Can

It doesn’t matter whether you are just headed to the club or you have the bottle. The lesser information you share during the ride, the better.

You probably haven’t seen the driver before then. Trying to converse intimately may not be a bad idea, especially if you are the liberal type. But some pieces of information are best left out of the discussion.

Information like where you live, your favorite colors, or even the type of TV shows you like are too personal.

But if you feel comfortable sharing them, that’s fine. You may, however, want to use the “anonymized service” provided by Uber to do so.

The service allows you to anonymize or protect your mobile number when you call the driver. It is also possible to use the app to communicate directly with the driver.

5.    Your Instinct is Your Best Guide

Forget the maps and the driver’s calmness. Your instincts don’t lie. If you feel something is off, it is probably is. That may be a great time to call a trusted friend or family member. Keep talking to them for as long as you can until you get to your destination.

6.    Share Your Trip Information with Loved Ones

Riding in a rideshare car is a great adventure. You get the fun that comes with being chauffeur-driven to your destination.

However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let a family member or close friends know where you are going. As one of the Uber safety tips for passengers, it helps your loved ones stay updated with the trip.

By sharing the trip details with them, they would be able to get the vehicle and driver’s details. Your route, pick-up location, and destination will also be tracked by them.

7.    Sit at the Back, But not at the Driver’s Back

Uber suggests that passengers should take the back seat as it is one of the Uber ride safety tips. By sitting at the back, you get to see the driver.

But don’t make the mistake of sitting behind the driver’s back. Instead, sit at the opposite end at the back.

Another thing you want to make sure of is to be close enough to the door so you can open it and step down if you feel uncomfortable.


Uber safety tips for passengers help them stay safe during the ride. The company wants to see you having an excellent ride-time and not getting bored or scared in the process.

The safety tips when Uber, if used most of the time, can help you stay safe, enjoy your ride and book more Uber rides in the future.


Which is Safe Bolt or Uber?

Both Bolt and Uber are great ridesharing service providers. The safety tips for Uber rides can also be implemented if you are riding with Bolt or Lyft. The rule of thumb is to be vigilant and be a good judge of actions so you don’t miss an action that the driver may do to put you in harm’s way.

Is Riding in Uber Safe?

Uber is very safe, especially for alert passengers. It may not be a nice idea to book a ride if you are drunk, sick, or non-familiar with your destination.

How to Ride Safely with Uber? The three (3) major ways to ride safely with Uber are to wait for your ride indoors, confirm the driver and vehicle details, and alight the ride in a safe place.


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