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Write For Us - Guest Posting Guidelines for Insurancefasttrack.com

Are you looking for writing opportunities in the insurance niche? Can you write informative articles that are free of plagiarism and which have accurate grammar and spelling? If so, we invite you to Write for Us.

We are continually looking out for experienced writers who can write captivating content on different aspects of insurance, including:

  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

If this is what you can do with ease and with little or no supervision, we encourage you to send in your application.

Who Can Write for Us at Insurance Fast Track?

Insurance Fast Track is committed to providing valuable content on different areas of finance. As such, we expect our writers to approach these topics from an authoritative point of view. We want you to write your articles based on our distinct writing style and at the same time, convey meaning and help the readers get value.

We accept submissions from the following (the list is subject to further updates):

  • Bloggers (preferably those with thriving blogs in the insurance niche).
  • Professional Writers
  • CEOs or Founders of Insurance Companies
  • Startup Companies that offer a wide range of insurance packages.

What We Look for

As a blog looking to become a force to reckon with in the insurance niche, Insurance Fast Track places a premium on the type of content we accept.

As a general rule, we prioritize articles that align with the following rules:

  • Insurance-Related Posts: We are all about insurance, so you are expected to only make pitches for the same. For more ideas, go through the post categories we cover to get ideas on some of the topic types you may be able to come up with.
  • Well-Researched Topic: We may give you topics to write on. In the absence of that, you are at liberty to come up with topics on any of the insurance categories we cover. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the posts are well-researched and free of “fluffy” content.
  • We Like Long-Form Content: Insurance Fast Track publishes long-form content/articles. That is articles that run into thousands of words. While writing, make sure you include as much information as possible so the readers wouldn’t have to look for additional information elsewhere.
  • Write in Your Voice: We understand that you are not a mine of information. More often than not, you tend to look for supporting information to back up your content. However, we expect that you read the existing on the topic you are working on, understand the perspective and come up with something better.
  • SEO Should be Your Friend: A majority of the articles we publish on Insurance Fast Track are optimized for one or more keywords. Thus, we want you to pay attention to the SEO metrics when writing an article for submission on our site. This includes making the necessary formatting, such as the use of the H-tags (H1-H3).
  • Backup Your Claims: If your article or content includes making claims or quoting a piece of existing information, we expect that you back up those claims. This can be easily done by adding the link or URL to the website or online resource from where you got the information.
  • Originality is Our Watchword: Last but not least – Insurance Fast Track only publishes original content. Your articles should be 100% unique before submission. Rest assured that we will confirm this by making additional checks to be certain of the originality of the copy.

We Don’t Accept:

  • Articles that appear to be salesy or promotional.
  • Stock photos inside the articles. This is because most stock photos appear to be irrelevant to the topic being written. Check our Disclaimer page for details.
  • Articles that don’t add value or provide actionable tips to the readers.
  • External links to our competitors. Instead, add ONLY external links for general websites, such as Wikipedia.
  • Promotional links. If you have any product or service you wish to promote as an affiliate, let us know before adding the links to the same.

Before Sending Your Pitch To Insurance Fast Track

Before you send your pitch, have the following in mind:

  • We reserve the right to edit your content to fit into our content standards. We may also decline your pitch or refuse your submission. If your article is published, you will get notified via email.
  • Make sure you read and followed our submission guidelines to the latter before submitting your content.
  • Insurance Fast Track prefers EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. This means that you may be unable to republish the content sent to us on any other blog or online platform, without our authorization.
  • Be patient with us after submitting your content. Because of the large volume of pitches we receive, it may take several days or weeks before we get back to you. But if you feel the wait is getting longer, don’t be shy to send us a reminder.

Guidelines for Article Submission on Insurance Fast Track

Now that you are confident of abiding by our guidelines, read the following for ideas on getting your articles approved on Insurance Fast Track:

  • Send us a pitch, containing the suggested title for the post and the reason why you think it will be valuable to our audience.
  • Wait for our feedback. If we get in touch with you, it means we are interested. Follow the instructions we provided to write the content.

Send us the finished copy of the content. Also, add your information, such as your Author Byline, Bio, Photo, and Social Media Handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Ready to Send Your Pitch?

Submit your topic and any other valuable information to info@insurancefasttrack.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible!